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Green Forest Timber

WESTERN RED CEDAR 84 x 10mm (Sauna Profile)

WESTERN RED CEDAR 84 x 10mm (Sauna Profile)

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Our Western Red Cedar sauna products offer the unique blend of rich aroma and luxurious silk finish that only the best cedar for saunas can provide. Renowned for its high impermeability to liquids and its natural phenolic preservatives, Western Red Cedar is ideally suited for exterior use where humidity is high, such as in saunas.

The cellular composition of cedar, with its millions of microscopic air filled cells, provides a high degree of insulation and cedar’s pleasantly aromatic natural oils are the reason for its decay-resistance and distinctive rich colour.

Traditional Finnish saunas were always wood fired and were used both to bathe and also for social enjoyment. Such wood fired saunas still remain popular for outdoor enthusiasts, however infrared saunas are rapidly gaining popularity.

To meet the demands of the sauna environment, the timber panelling must withstand the unique sauna environment in which both dry and damp air is present at the same time.

Available set lengths:

- 2.1m

- 2.4m

- 2.7m

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