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Spotted Gum 135 x 19 mm (Price Per Linear Meter)

Spotted Gum 135 x 19 mm (Price Per Linear Meter)

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This Products comes in Random Length only.

If you need Set Length/ Specific Length ,Please Contact Us

Please Note that  1 Quantity  = 1 Linear Meter 

For example: A quantity value of 10, equates to 10 Linear Meters


Spotted Gum Decking sizes available:

- 40 x 19mm

- 86x19mm (Pre Oiled)

- 135x19mm

- 140x25mm

 Spotted Gum is a Durable Australian Hardwood.

Spotted Gum grow in NSW and QLD
Spotted Gum is Fire Rated & Class 1 durability
Australian Owned and Grown with a Janka Rating of 12

Spotted Gum is one of the most popular choice for Decking apart from Merbau. 

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About Spotted Gum Decking

Spotted Gum is made up of four different species of timber, all of which grow along the east coast of Queensland. Starting from the northern part of Queensland and going all the way down to Victoria. Spotted Gum has a distinctive design and has a Class 1 durability rating. Spotted Gum is mainly used for decking, posts, poles, posts, flooring, outdoor furniture or framing and landscaping. It is also used for many industrial applications such as wharfs, bridges, railroad sleepers, ship building and cladding. Other uses of spotted gum decking include: diving boards, polo sticks, veneer and plywood.

How does it look?

The colours of our Spotted Gum Decking varies from dark chocolate brown to pale heartwood, with the sapwood being very pale. The grain has a really unique appearance due to it's waviness. Spotted Gum has a mixture between oily and coarse texture and it is very a workable wood.

Building Applications

If you are getting ready to build a deck or install new timber flooring, please visit Green Forest Timbers and take look at our display products. It will give you a chance to look at our many different varieties of hardwood from Merbau and Balau to Spotted Gum and Jarrah. You can see how they look and feel the textures for yourself.