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Green Forest Timber

Merbau Decking - 90x19mm

Merbau Decking - 90x19mm

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This Products comes in Random Length only.

If you need Set Length/ Specific Length ,Please Contact Us

Please Note that  1 Quantity  = 1 Linear Meter 

For example: A quantity value of 10, equates to 10 Linear Meters


Other Decking Available Sizes: 

- 42 x 19 mm

- 70 x 19 mm

- 90 x 19 mm 

- 140 x 19 mm

- 140 x 25 mm

We can supply your Merbau Decking throughout Sydney and surrounding areas.

Merbau grows in south east Asia and most of the this kind of decking in the Australian market is comes from Indonesia. Our Merbau Decking products comes from legal sources and distributed throughout Sydney respectively. Our Merbau Decking is Kiln Dried and is very rich in Tannin, therefore Merbau will leech over time.

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About Merbau Decking

Due to its extreme durability, Merbau is commonly used for multiple applications such as decking, flooring, boat building, and making outdoor furniture. Merbau hardwood is grown in the South East Pacific rim, and is available throughout Australia. Merbau is harvested from tropical forests in Malaysia, North Queensland, Vietnam, Fiji, Philippines, Papua New Guinea, Madagascar, Thailand, New caledonia, Solomon Islands, Indonesia, Samoa and Vanuatu.

It's Appearance

Merbau is a beautiful orange-brown colour when it's freshly cut and will usually redden as it ages. You might also find very minor gold or yellow flecks throughout the grains, which can help to differentiate it from similar species. Its grain is usually interlocked or wavy and has a density rating of 850kg per cubic metre, which is exceptionally dense.

Easy Workability

Merbau is a very versatile hardwood and is relatively easy to work with using most tools. Merbau Decking finishes well with stain, polish and paint, but if there is any issues, it has the tendency to tannin bleed. If you are using Merbau near a surface that will stain, we recommend that you either give the wood time to season in a different location, or wash it repeatedly with a deck clean product found here. The good news is that tannin only leeches from timber for a short time after it is harvested, so this is not a long term worry.

Highly Durable Wood

Merbau is definitely a favourite choice amongst our clients for decking projects because of its excellent durability. With a durability class rating of 2, you can expect your decking to last anwhere between 15 to 40 years without any decay. These great attributes result in minimal shrinkage, rot resistance and provides great performance in extreme weather conditions. The combination of its density and strength make our Merbau decking more durable than most other timbers sold by our competitors throughout Sydney and NSW.

Merbau Advantages

So, why should you choose our Merbau for your next decking project?

• Weather resistance: Ideal for harsh and diverse weather conditions.• Strength: Merbau has high density and a great strength rating.• Appearance: It has an amazing, rich colour, texture and grain.

• Durability: It will last as long as any hardwood on the market.• Resistant: It resists insect infestations and rotting.

• Workability: It’s very easy to work with and has minimal shrinkage.